Who are we

About Us
Modix Plastique INC is manufacture of high-quality LDPE Reprocessed resins by operating a full treatment of Post-consumer plastic LDPE films collected by the recycling centres and other sources mainly in Québec and across the North America.
The mission of Modix Plastique INC is boosting the circle economy by giving a second life of the plastic wastes, thanks for the added value created by our scientists and operators, the scrap has been transformed into excellent raw material that can be used by various plastic product manufactures.
Modix Plastique INC is constantly improving its technology in order to reduce the volume of plastic scraps going to the landfill and cut down the usage of virgin pellets in plastic production industry.
We are working together with more and more partners to reduce the environmental impact and make a better contribution to the sustainable development of the local communities worldwide.
Modix empower the circular economy

In 2020, Modix has treated more than 2 000 MT of plastic scraps generated by the local community. The engagement of Modix helped to save over 1 000 tonnes of Carbon emission and 5 000 Tonnes of crude oil, 8 000 M3 of landfill.
Most of the plastic scraps came from the local recycling facilities, all the reprocessed pellets made by these plastic scraps went back to the chain of value in the circular economy and contribute their second life in many different industries like construction, new composite materials, flexible packaging and etc.